1. Investment

We have extensive experience in providing legal advice to local and foreign investors in respect of their investment projects in Vietnam, which cover various industries in different cities and provinces of Vietnam. 

Our investment advisory service is comprised of: 

- Advising on conditions and procedures for the implementation of domestic and foreign investment projects; 

- Assisting on market research, assessing pros and corns faced by investors based on legal norms and Government’s policies; 

- Preparing necessary dossier for investment projects, including feasibility study and explanation of investment implementation plan; 

- Submitting, on behalf of clients, the application dossier for investment registration certificate, permits, certificates and others approval in order for the projects or enterprises to be able to operate in accordance with the laws and clients’ business plan; 

- Advising on the amendment and adjustment to the issued permits, approvals and certificates in relation to the scope of business, registered address and/or legal representatives etc. of enterprises or projects; 

- Advising on the establishment, operation and termination of investment projects, enterprises, representatives offices and branches in Vietnam of local and foreign companies.

2. Corporate and Commercial

Our corporate and commercial advisory services are comprised of: 

- Advising on legal and corporate forms and structures, conditions and procedures for establishment; 

- Reviewing and advising on commercial, investment and business structures; 

- Drafting the by-laws and other corporate documents such as charter, joint venture contract, internal regulations, shareholder/member agreement, corporate governance and internal compliance policies and procedure; 

- Advising, drafting and assisting Clients in negotiating on pro forma or deformed or ill-formed commercial or business contracts; 

- Advising on investment, commercial and business activities of Clients - Providing retainer services to Clients; 

- Advising on the legal issues or problems in the light of the laws; Advising on matters of legal compliance.

3. Merger and Acquisition

Our M&A advisory services are comprised of: 

- Advising on the policies and laws related to M&A; 

- Advising on legal provisions governing M&A transactions, conducting legal due diligence in respect of the target on the Client’s behalf; 

- Assisting and/or representing Clients in negotiating with other parties to a M&A transaction; 

- Advising on and/or drafting various types of agreements and arrangements related to a M&A transaction; 

- Assisting and/or representing Clients in mandatory or necessary registrations at relevant authorities

4. Real Estate and Construction

Our real estate and construction advisory services are comprised of: 

- Advising on legal provisions governing the real estate and construction business; 

- Advising on legal structures of real estate investment projects; 

- Advising and supporting during the approval and licensing process of real estate and construction projects; 

- Advising investors on the preparation of tender documents and contractor selection and contract; 

- Drafting agreements on investment, financing, construction, transfer, and insurance related to real estate and construction projects; 

- Advising on legal matters arising throughout the implementation process of real estate and construction projects; 

- Assisting and/or representing clients in negotiating and resolving disputes arising out of real estate and construction projects

5. Banking and Finance

Our banking and finance advisory services are comprised of: 

- Advising on legal provisions governing the finance and banking in Vietnam; 

- Advising on structure of loans and finance transactions or their transfer; 

- Advising, reviewing or drafting loan or financing contracts and other relevant banking transaction documents; 

- Advising on internal compliance related to banking and finance transactions; 

- Advising and/or representing clients in loan registration at the State Bank of Vietnam

6. Securities and Capital Markets

Our securities and capital markets consulting services are comprised of: 

- Advising on legal provisions governing the securities and capital markets in Vietnam; 

- Advising on legal aspects related to public companies and listed companies; 

- Advising on establishment and operation of onshore investment funds, including opened-ended or close-ended form, real estate or securities investment funds; 

- Advising on share issuance, offering/placement, IPO and listing.

7. Tax

Our tax advisory services are comprised of: 

- Advising on regulations on corporate income tax, valued added tax (VAT), export and import tax, contractor tax, personal income tax, etc; 

- Cooperating with foreign partners in providing legal advice on cross-border tax structure in order to help Clients benefit from taxation policies of the countries to the taxation treaties to which Vietnam is a member; 

- Assisting and/or representing Clients in resolving tax issues related to tax calculation, imposition and payment.

8. Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property advisory services are comprised of: 

- Advising, preparing Vietnamese translation, filing, prosecuting applications for patent for inventions or utility models including entering Vietnamese national phase of PCT application. 

- Searching, filing, following up applications for patent for industrial design. 

- Trademark availability search, lodging, monitoring applications for registration of trademark. 

- Advising, preparing and acting for clients in handling IP infringement or disputes; 

- Advising on the formulation and protection strategies for IP objects.

9. Consulting Regularly

Minimizing costs to maintain a team of in-house lawyers while maintaining legal compliance and legal risk prevention in a day-to-day operation are increasing needs of enterprises in the context of changing and challenging legal systems in Vietnam. ATD LAWYERS has been offered retainer services to enterprises. Our retainer services are comprised, among others, of: 

- Updating relevant and necessary legal requirements and informing the Clients of compulsory obligations or liabilities must be completed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam; 

- Drafting minutes/resolutions of the general shareholders’ meeting, board of management/directors, notice, acceptance letter, internal forms for corporate documents and authorization letters; 

- Reviewing and preparing standard agreements/contracts by and between the Clients with its counterparties;

- Assisting and advising on handing and dealing with legal issues or problem arising from or in connection with the Clients’ course of operation.